Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sad news (for me) - bikes stolen

For people who are visiting this page for a second time, I've created an update post here.

I've just found out that asbo and babyR have been stolen form a secure garage in South West London. It was obviously a professional job using a van as babyR had no rear shock.

Please look out for bits of serious bling on the web.

asbo - 998S:  Album link

Both bikes are unique. babyR - 749R - has the supersports kit, asbo is a numbers matching 998S with wide-track front and '06 factory gas forks.

If you see anything you think may be from these bikes, please contact me here. There is a reward for the safe return of both bikes, no questions asked. Or the address for the thieves. 
The spec - asbo:
  • Forks: 999RS F06 Ohlins gas with full titanium internals. 
  • Wheels - 16.5" 10 spoke magnesium 998RS Marceshinis - red stripe (in the first pic). Tyres are Pirelli Diablo race spec slicks, completely destroyed.
  • Disks: 998RS as above.
  • Swingarm: 998S (road)
  • Exhaust system: 998RS 60mm stainless full system. The cans are visibly longer than a road exhaust and require the seat unit to be modified.
  • Rear shock: DU43 998RS
  • Aluminium subframe
  • Footpegs: 998RS.
  • Ducati Corse slipper clutch with hand cut carbon cover.

  • Fairings: carbon side fairings with race bellypan. Blue Infostrada sticker kit - very rare. Top fairing is fibreglass.
  • Carbon wide-track mudguard.
  • Race (carbon base) seat. Small tear in seat material.

  • Carbon 998RS airtubes
  • Billet brembo master cylinders; brake and clutch.

  • Ceramic wide track 998RS yokes - these were produced in very limited numbers. Titanium hardware.
  • Clip-ons: 998RS, engraved with 6.5 degrees. Titanium fasteners.
  • Carbon fairing support.
  • Marelli dash.

  • Carbon 996RS fuel tank with carbon keyless cap.Tank has Ducati and Ducati Race Support logos.

BabyR: a 749R, 2004 with carbon fairings. BX04 UGB

  • Gold Marchesini magnesium wheels. 
  • Gilles wheel adjusters.
  • Billet Brembo caliper.
  • Floating race disk, MotoCorse braks hanger.

  • Leo Vince titanium exhaust.
  • Carbon numberplate holder.
  • Foam seat.
  • Ohlins forks, anodised black
  • JHP slipper clutch and clutch cover
  • JHP sprocket cover.
  • MotoCorse foot pegs.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this page. One final thing: if you're in the London/Surrey area, could you please take the time to print a couple of these: Wanted Poster and ask your local pub to display them. 
Next time you're in your local Ducati dealer or bike shop, please take one along and ask the if they would display them in their coffee area or workshop.

 Wanted Poster 

Txt: 07411 869 898

Many people coming here from Twitter are seeing the mobile version of this page - the layout is rubbish - sorry!

Thanks again.

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